Wonderful Aquascape Aquarium Designs

Aquarium keeping is one of the fastest growing hobbies in many countries around the world and need Aquascape Aquarium Designs Ideas, this hobby has stood the test of time and remained one of the most well known and enjoyed hobbies for many years now. Setting up the aquariums is fairly straight forward, there is a wealth of information available for newcomers to the hobby so more and more people are taking on looking after a wide variety of different fish species that can be found all over the world.

The most popular of these set ups has to be the freshwater aquariums and this class can also be broken down into two further categories, coldwater and tropical.

Freshwater aquarium fish require no salt in their water, brackish set ups require a small amount of salt in the water and obviously saltwater set ups rely on the correct level of salt in the water, this is known as the salinity level.

Salt in the water can actually be detrimental to many aquarium fish that live in freshwater, scale less fish such as the Loach family can suffer from burns as the salt burns into them, and other species of freshwater fish can also suffer so always check before adding any medicinal salt to a freshwater aquarium. What freshwater aquarium fish do rely on is good clean water that is of a high quality and refreshed with partial water changes to add back vital minerals that will be absorbed by the aquarium fish, partial water changes will also help to control the level of nitrates in the water column as these can also affect the health of your fish.

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Different types of Aquascape Aquarium Designs will have different requirements so these must be met by the aquarium keeper, selecting the correct mix of species is also vital to keeping a well balanced tank with your aquarium fish living their life to their full life span. As stated above, freshwater aquarium fish are found all over the world, they come in many shapes, sizes and colourations.